In the face of adversity, Franjo continues to thrive. 2022 was our 25th year in existence, and we’re reflecting on the many achievements of our team members as well as the programs we put in place this year. Let’s take a walk down memory lane:


We started off the year strong by redeveloping our mission, vision, and values:

MISSION: uniting our team and customers to build the future

VISION: Exceeding expectations. Building trust. Creating value.

VALUES: Persistence: never give up | Ambition: driven to achieve the unimaginable | Confidence: Humble enough to learn from experience


In the spring, our Florida affiliate announced its new name and brand: Franjo Builders. We redesigned our website to improve navigation, update the design, and include all of our affiliates.


Many of our team members welcomed babies!

A round of our apprenticeship program wrapped up.

We held another annual conference, a company retreat, and dozens of team-building events.


Many of our projects were recognized for awards or featured in industry events.

Lawrenceville Lofts | Commonwealth Building | Rockwell Park


We branded our walls.

Various industry organizations invited members of our team to speak at their events.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette named Franjo a Top Workplace, and Smart Business recognized our CEO and President in its Smart50 awards.

Our team was able to help hungry families through volunteerism and donations.

Allegheny Center Alliance Church hosted us for our annual OSHA-sanctioned Stand-down for Safety as well as Werner Ladder Co. for promotional filming and photography.

Many projects wrapped up, and others started – including a mixed-use development in Philadelphia.

Our subject matter experts shared their knowledge and wisdom with the rest of the team through a structured curriculum.

We handed out countless awards to our team for their achievements and continued dedication.

To our team

Thank you for another incredible year. It is you who have enabled us to grow, celebrate our 25th year, and do what we do every day. It is you who is at the center of every decision we make. Let’s make 2023 even better.