Safety, Respect, Accountability, Efficiency, Empowerment, Creativity, Loyalty… We feel strongly about every one of those, but we also feel they are the minimum every company should abide by. So, we asked ourselves – what makes us different? How do Franjo team members operate? Well, we speak to each other with radical candor. We work hard so we can play hard. We have each other’s backs. We are committed to building a legacy – the Franjo legacy.


Uniting our team and customers to build the future

Our mission statement, while concise in words, has a broad meaning. The “build the future” part can apply to the future of our communities, our organization, each team member’s future, our clients’ futures, etc. Though our services include construction, we look at what we do as more of a way to impact the world around us. Ask any of our team what they value about their role, and one of the sentiments will always be seeing a project come to fruition. We take pride not only in bringing satisfaction to our clients but in creating spaces for people to live, work, and enjoy life.


Exceeding Expectations. Creating Value. Building Trust.

Vision can mean many things – for some, it’s a big aspirational goal. For others, like us, it refers to a set of ideals to uphold every day.

Exceeding expectations | We encourage our team to think outside of the box. Whether we’re talking about creative solutions for construction logistics or community impact, we strive to exceed expectations.

Building trust | This is paramount. Commercial construction is a complex process, and we believe in total transparency. We believe this is the best way to build trust not only within our team but between our team and each respective stakeholder in the project team whether it be the client, a vendor, a subcontractor, or any other trade partner.

Creating value | By acting through the above ideals, we create value in the lives of others.


We asked ourselves – what makes us different? How do Franjo team members operate? In all of our team members, you will find a high degree of:


Never give up


Driven to achieve the unimaginable


Humble enough to learn from experience

If you like what we’re about, we encourage you to join our team.

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