Precision and Accuracy in Cost Estimating for Client Satisfaction

At Franjo Construction, accurate estimating is a vital element in our ability to maintain construction costs and ensure client satisfaction. Our team of seven estimators is dedicated to providing detailed, accurate estimates for your project, even with a limited amount of input. We maintain a database of information on current labor and material costs, as well as our own historical data, to deliver reliable results.

The Franjo Construction Approach: Advanced Techniques and Tools

Our construction cost estimating process compares data from similar projects to determine the best methods and materials for finishing the project on time and within budget. Aided by an advanced computerized estimating system, we create construction cost estimates representing the true market picture. This forward-thinking approach allows us to map out the logistics of the entire project well in advance of any construction.

Budgeting vs. Bidding: Adapting Estimates to Project Phases

In the construction industry, cost estimates are typically categorized as either budgets or bids. Budgets offer more generalized cost projections during the conceptual or schematic design phases, while bids provide precise figures when designs are more detailed. At Franjo Construction, our estimates cover both budget and bid scenarios, ensuring that our clients have the information they need at each stage of the project.

Transparency in Construction Cost Estimates

We prioritize transparency in our estimates, providing a complete, detailed breakdown of how, why, and where funds are to be allocated. Our focus is to help clients manage their budgets effectively, make informed decisions, and allocate resources efficiently. By identifying potential risks and developing strategies to mitigate them, we contribute to successful project management.

Commitment to Excellence at Franjo Construction

At Franjo Construction, our commitment to client satisfaction drives our dedication to accurate and transparent cost estimates. Trust our team of experienced professionals to handle your construction project with expertise and care, ensuring a successful outcome that meets your expectations.

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