Expertise and Experience for a Successful Investment

At Franjo Construction, we understand that commercial real estate development is a significant investment, and managing construction costs and logistics is crucial for success. Our decades of experience assisting developers with their projects give you an advantage when evaluating any commercial real estate opportunity.

Navigating the Development Process with Confidence

Our Developer-Assist program is designed to help developers make informed decisions throughout the commercial real estate development process. Like our preconstruction process, we first evaluate the project’s construction feasibility. After establishing facts and figures, we devise an approach with cost-effective, practical, and creative solutions. We provide estimates and information to support your decision-making process as a developer, ensuring that you understand every important consideration and option available for your project.

Understanding the Roles in the Construction Industry

To better appreciate the benefits of our Developer-Assist program, it’s essential to grasp the different roles in the construction industry. A developer manages the entire real estate development process, from land acquisition and funding to coordination with builders, architects, and other professionals. In contrast, a general contractor or builder focuses on executing the construction plan, adhering to design specifications, and completing the project within the given timeline and budget.

Partnering with Franjo Construction for a Smooth Journey

Our Developer-Assist program aims to make the complex process of real estate development a smooth and successful journey for developers. By offering valuable insights, cost-effective solutions, and practical advice based on our extensive experience, we ensure that your project reaches its full potential from conception to completion.

Partner with Franjo Construction for expert guidance in commercial real estate development. With our Developer-Assist program, you can save time and resources while confidently navigating the development process. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life and achieve a successful outcome.

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