Before the first shovel hits the ground, there’s one crucial step that sets the stage for a successful construction project: the development of meticulous and thoroughly reviewed construction documents. This vital initial phase, known as preconstruction, lays the groundwork for a seamless construction process and helps us mitigate potential issues down the line.

At Franjo, we recognize that determining a practical budget and a realistic project schedule is essential for your project’s success. That’s why we offer expert preconstruction services tailored to maximize your investment and provide an accurate depiction of your project’s anticipated completion.

Our Comprehensive Preconstruction Services:

  • Team Selection and Role Assignment: We handpick the ideal team of experts to bring your vision to life, assigning responsibilities that capitalize on each individual’s strengths and expertise.
  • Constructability Analysis: Our team meticulously evaluates the project’s design, identifying potential challenges and opportunities for improvement to ensure smooth construction and optimal results.
  • Logistics Review: We carefully plan the coordination of resources, personnel, and equipment, creating a comprehensive strategy for efficient project management and seamless execution.
  • Estimates and Budget Reviews: We deliver precise cost projections, empowering you to make informed decisions and manage your budget effectively throughout the design lifecycle.
  • Subcontractor Selection and Purchasing: We collaborate with trusted industry partners and subcontractors, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results and uphold our commitment to quality.

The Benefits of Preconstruction

  • Risk Mitigation: Preconstruction helps identify potential challenges and risks early, allowing for proactive solutions and reducing the likelihood of costly surprises during construction.
  • Budget Control: Accurate cost projections enable effective budget management throughout the design lifecycle, ensuring the best use of resources and minimizing financial risks.
  • Timeline Optimization: Thorough preconstruction planning ensures that all parties are aligned, which leads to a more efficient construction process and a timely project completion.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Preconstruction fosters better communication and collaboration among project stakeholders, resulting in a more cohesive and successful project.
  • Quality Assurance: By addressing design and constructability issues in advance, preconstruction services help ensure that the final project meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and functionality.

Preconstruction Timeline

The duration of the preconstruction phase depends on the size, complexity, and unique requirements of each project. Generally, preconstruction can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. During this time, our team works diligently to analyze the project’s design, assemble the ideal team of experts, and create accurate cost projections and logistics plans.

By investing in Franjo’s preconstruction services, you’re setting the foundation for a successful, cost-effective, and timely project. Our dedication to thorough planning and meticulous execution ensures that your vision becomes a reality, built on a solid foundation of expertise and collaboration.

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