While skyscrapers and megastructures may get all the attention, let’s remember the other guys- the small to medium-sized construction projects. After all, they’re the ones that bring the Pittsburgh community to life! From local shops, nationwide franchise locations, and offices – sometimes, a beautifully crafted addition or renovation is all it takes to make a significant impact. Let’s raise the roof (even if it’s just a little bit) for the small to medium-sized projects.

Our company was incorporated in 1997 and is based in Homestead, PA. We work throughout Western PA, OH, and WV and have a unique division of our business, Franjo Specialty Group (FSG). We also have an affiliate company, Franjo Builders, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At Franjo, offerings include general contracting services to commercial clients in all market sectors. Throughout the last 25+ years, we have grown a strong reputation as a go-to contractor in the region. What is lesser known is that we serve projects of all sizes. That is where FSG comes in.

At Franjo, we categorize FSG projects as follows: 

  • Tenant improvement projects like our work on a Sherwin Williams location in Uniontown, PA. 
  • Commercial buildouts, additions, and renovations like our work with COhatch
  • Client Maintenance when an existing client desires small renovation or improvements, like our 22+ projects with Uber ATG (now Aurora). 
  • Modestly-sized construction projects like 110+ Aldi stores over the past 19+ years.  

This article will explore the benefits of choosing FSG for modestly-sized construction projects. 


FSG is a division of Franjo Construction Corporation. This division does tenant improvement projects, commercial buildouts and renovations, and other modestly-sized construction projects. Franjo Specialty Group was created to drive awareness that Franjo can support projects of all sizes, including more minor builds. Same office, same people, same everything. With FSG, the same level of high-quality work and communication expected on large projects is considered for smaller-to-medium-sized projects. 

Planning and Preparation 

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing a project complete and not just because the job is done and looks nice. As the Division Manager, it is nice to see the culmination of the hard work that every individual contributed to finish on time and within budget.” – Mike Guciardo, Division Manager, FSG

When managing a construction project, Franjo Construction has a reputation for delivering on both timeline and quality. This rings true for Franjo Specialty Group, as well. 

FSG’s continued commitment to excellence is reflected in the words of project managers like Ken Reece, Chris Mandella, and Paul Colla. They emphasize the importance of maintaining the same level of quality as Franjo Construction throughout the project while keeping everyone happy and informed throughout the process. This includes regularly updating schedules, projecting costs, and reporting on progress. 

FSG’s commitment to timelines is especially noteworthy, as they are known for updating schedules monthly and providing detailed six-week projections and a two-week look ahead. Even before a project starts, the team works with suppliers far in advance to ensure any long lead items are accounted for in the schedule.  This dedication to quality and attention to detail sets Franjo and FSG apart in the construction industry. 

FSG project managers are held to the same high standards as Franjo Construction, ensuring that clients receive top-quality work and exceptional service regardless of the project’s size. Whether a minor renovation or a new construction project, the firm’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail remains the same. Clients can expect the same professionalism, communication, and expertise that Franjo Construction is known for, making FSG a reliable and trustworthy choice for any project.

Procurement and Material Management

One of the advantages of Franjo Specialty Group (FSG) is that it has all the same resources as Franjo Construction regarding procurement and material management. Franjo has procurement and field operations teams that are collectively responsible for sourcing materials and equipment, managing logistics, and inventory among other logistics. With these resources, FSG can ensure that the schedule accounts for any long lead materials equipment.

Construction and Implementation

Effective structure and implementation are essential for any successful project, regardless of size. At FSG, we understand this importance and strive to meet the same high standard of excellence set by our parent company, Franjo Construction. One key aspect of effective project management is managing on-site workers and contractors. We tap into our extensive network of trusted subcontractors and vendors, allowing us to bring in the right talent and expertise to ensure a project is completed safely and efficiently. 

For example, FSG completed the remodel of a medical office in just 30 days, which was shorter than the required schedule. This impressive feat was achieved by effectively managing on-site workers and contractors, allowing us to finish the project ahead of schedule without compromising quality.

Another critical aspect of effective project management is ensuring compliance with safety regulations. While some may believe that smaller projects require less attention to safety, we take the opposite approach. At FSG, every project will have a designated safety role assigned, emphasizing our firm commitment to safety. We recognize that accidents and injuries can occur on any job site and strive to take all necessary precautions to prevent them. 

By implementing a safety culture on every project, we aim to protect our team and partners and ensure the successful completion of each project. At FSG, we understand the importance of effective structure and implementation, and we are committed to meeting the same high standard of excellence as our parent company, Franjo Construction.

Schedule Management

Small to medium-sized commercial construction projects can pose unique challenges that require careful planning and execution to ensure success. One of the most common challenges is working within tight timelines.

By constantly updating schedules and projecting costs, FSG project managers can keep projects on track and meet timelines. Franjo has a team of 100+ in-house tradesmen, foremen, and Superintendents, which comprises our well-rounded self-performance workforce.

FSG has a proven track record of maintaining strong client relationships, resulting in multiple repeat clients such as Aldi and COhatch. By focusing on quality work and excellent customer service, FSG has built a reputation as one of the best construction firms in the industry. 

“The entire [FSG] team’s professionalism and project management are second to none. Watching how quickly you move through sites, everyone’s attention to detail, and your customer-focused approach is amazing.” – A representative of COhatch


Franjo Specialty Group (FSG) is an excellent choice for modestly-sized construction projects. The benefits of choosing FSG include access to the same quality work and communication level as the larger projects, commitment to timelines and attention to detail, procurement and material management, and practical construction and implementation. FSG has a team of experienced professionals who are committed to delivering top-quality work and exceptional service, making them a reliable and trustworthy choice for any project. 

Whether it’s a tenant improvement project, commercial buildouts, renovations, client maintenance, or other modestly-sized construction project, FSG provides the necessary resources and expertise to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. With Franjo Specialty Group, clients can rest assured that their projects are in good hands.