Franjo Construction Built Wexford, PA Aldi Store in 51 Days

Over the past several years, Aldi supermarkets have seen significant growth in the Pittsburgh area. At Franjo Construction Corporation, a Pittsburgh area general contractor, we are proud of our lasting partnership with Aldi. Franjo Construction has been the official construction team for Aldi grocery stores in the Greater Pittsburgh Area for the past 12 years. In fact, our dedicated team has built more than 100 stores, with over $75,000,000 in revenue. Most of the locations are in Pennsylvania, but Franjo has expanded its general contracting services into other states such as Ohio, West Virginia and Florida.

So just how long does it take to build a grocery store? On average, the ground-up construction of a grocery store will take about four to six months.

Franjo Construction successfully completed a ground-up build of one Aldi location in Wexford, PA in just 51 days. 

That’s record time! It’s also part of why retailers choose Franjo Construction as their general contractor. We understand that retailers have specific requirements, and much of those are tied to the timeline. There are advertising commitments and other grand opening commitments in place, not to mention the need to generate sales as soon as possible. They operate with critical completion dates, leaving the general contractor with little choice but to deliver on time and on budget. What’s more, we are always mindful that a retail store’s appearance can be the difference between keeping a loyal customer base or going out of business.

We appreciate the uniqueness of retail construction. Our retail construction teams are proficient in fast-track schedules, meticulous in attention to detail and attentive to critical opening dates that drive retail success. From retail strips to restaurants, and self-storage facilities to freestanding retail shops, we’ve got you covered.  

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