Franjo Builders client, Fiducial Miami Shared, is a local co-working space success story. Located at 900 Biscayne Boulevard in the heart of downtown Miami, Fiducial Miami Shared continues to invest in its co-working office spaces to attract and retain tenants. Depending on the membership level, a start-up company or sole-proprietor can get a virtual office into a private office.

Franjo Builders’ latest project for Fiducial Miami Shared involved the renovation of seven offices spanning 2,000 square feet. The project took 3.5 months to complete. This is the third project Franjo Builders completed in this high-rise office building.

As an experienced office construction and renovation contractor, we know that few projects pan out exactly as expected. There is typically something unique or challenging that happens while on the job site.  The 900 Biscayne project in Miami was no different. Fortunately, Franjo Builders’construction team has decades of experience working in challenging work environments like high-rise buildings. This involved coordinating deliveries, scheduling work, scheduling inspections, and maintaining a good relationship with the building owner and surrounding tenants.

This site required extensive ductwork, however, due to low ceilings and a deck of about nine feet with no drop ceilings Franjo Builders had to find creative ways to give a modern and clean uniform look to exposed piping, ductwork, and different ceiling devices. Tape was used to give an even marginal appearance of the mastic application of the joints. To take it a step further, Franjo caulked all the joints on the ductwork throughout to give a clean solid appearance. With the exposed duct application and the low ceilings, it was critical that the ducts were in view throughout the space. This also eliminated the concern for bugs and insects colonizing in the equipment.

In addition to finding ways to work around exposed infrastructure, our team took steps to ensure that the day-to-day operations of this occupied office space were not interrupted.  We set up temporary screen walls to hide the view of construction as much as possible and to control dust from our work. We also minimized talking on the work floor to decrease distractions.

Despite some of these unexpected challenges, Franjo Bulders completed the project two weeks earlier than planned and within the original budget.


Client: Fiducial Miami Shared

Size: 2,000 SF

Location: Miami, FL

Type: High-rise Office Renovation


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