Being an accountant with a large commercial construction company comes with a lot of responsibility. It is essential to be organized and pay very close attention to detail. When it comes to Zack Sybo, MBA, all those boxes are checked.

A Diligent Disposition

Zack embodies every one of Franjo’s six core values, most especially efficiency and accountability. According to Frank Vacek, Franjo’s Director of Field Operations, “the guy just gets it done.” His diligence is noted in his personal life as well. He fixes everything around the house, shows impressive cooking skills, and is a father to a sassy little girl named Teagan. When she was born, Zack was nearing completion of his MBA program at Duquesne University. While earning that MBA and helping with the baby, he also successfully maintained an accounting internship and a part-time job at Godiva. Talk about hard-working!

Pittsburgh Native

Now that he has his MBA, Zack has relaxed just a bit. He spends much of his downtime playing golf. Not surprisingly, Zack is an excellent golfer as well as “every sport he ever tries” according to his better half, Natalie. He has always taken a strong interest in all sports, from childhood to now. From baseball and football to soccer and basketball – he’s tried it all. He’ll even watch curling or billiards when he’s not playing something. He also collects sports memorabilia in the same way he collects skills. Natalie describes his collection as “outstanding” and notes that his friends are awe-struck over it.

It is worth noting that Pittsburgh has a strong sports scene. Growing up in the city, Zack fell in love with this. He can be described as a “yinzer,” a local term referring to a devout Pittsburgher. If he is known for just one thing, it would be his love for Pittsburgh sports. Anytime a friend needs someone to go to a Penguins or Steelers game with, Zack is who they call. His love and enthusiasm for his home teams make every sporting event fun – even when it’s a loss.

Multi-Talented Individual

Describing the many traits of Zack showcases what he is like as a co-worker as well. Though he successfully manages his tasks as a cost accountant, there is no task that he is “too good” to help with. He is also the point person for certain IT, copier, and phone concerns. He is always happy to help and eager to learn, and these extra skills keep the rest of the team going. Zack shows up every day as the best version of himself he can be. He is extremely organized. Natalie describes their entire house as being organized “down to the container we keep our bandaids in.” Other folks in the office describe Zack as an “outstanding person and a great co-worker.”

When he is not working or playing a given sport, you can find Zack spending time with his family. They’re probably on the couch watching a film directed by Quentin Tarantino, and Zack is probably quoting it word for word.

An Excellent Teammate

It can be hard to find an Accountant as dedicated as Zack is, let alone a good match for the company culture. As mentioned, he embodies all of Franjo’s six core values: Respect, Accountability, Efficiency, Empowerment, Creativity, and Loyalty. We are very grateful to have him on our team!


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