Many people may not consider commercial construction to be a very meaningful field, but Kevin Edwards sees the deeper meaning. As an experienced project engineer, he has seen enough of the behind-the-scenes work it takes to revitalize a community. We invite you to get to know one of our many valued teammates who make Franjo Construction one of the Top Workplaces in Pittsburgh.

What is your role here at Franjo Construction?

I have been with Franjo Construction for 3 years as a Project Engineer, which is a support role to Project Managers and Superintendents. I help our Project Managers by performing document management, submittal & RFI (Request for Information) management, and any other assistance items such as pricing exercises. 

In the field, I help Superintendents by obtaining project information and coordinating schedules & communications with subcontractors.

What about before Franjo?

Before coming to work at Franjo Construction, I completed third-party inspections for PennDOT. A lot of my work included the testing of concrete and asphalt paving.

Why did you make the switch?

I’ve always had an interest in construction, so I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Pitt. As soon as I had the chance to get in with a construction company, I took it. 

Every project we work on is meaningful in its own way. Sometimes that can be due to the challenges we overcome, and other times it’s a special feature on a building such as TRYP Hotel’s rooftop bar or 7502 Thomas Blvd’s sawtooth-pattern roof.

What do you love about working at Franjo Construction?

The main thing is our family atmosphere. We’re a large team, but really all your co-workers become close. That’s really important when you’re going to spend so much time with them. We do fun things all the time – like the Easter Egg Hunt last year.

The other part I love is the specific projects we work on here. I love being part of the revitalization of Pittsburgh. With all of Franjo’s projects, we have been (and still are) a big part of that especially in the Strip District and Lawrenceville. 

Speaking of meaningful projects, do you have a favorite?

Yes, I do – the TRYP Hotel. It’s just a really cool building, but also it was my first project with Franjo. A close second would be the depot/garage at Argo AI.

Are there any traits you gained in your childhood that help you in your current role?

I mentioned that I’ve always been interested in construction, but two other things come to mind: being part of a team and a natural knack for technology. I grew up with technology, so I find that I am often helping some team members learn how to use certain tools. All of our Superintendents have a tablet, and so do I. We use these on-site to pull up blueprints, RFIs, submittals… you name it. 

Having access to that information in real-time allows us to think on our feet and verify work or design intent. For example, if a subcontractor has a question about where a light is supposed to go, I can pull up the architect’s drawings and verify it on the spot. 

You mentioned being part of a team…

Yep. I play a lot of sports, so being a team player is in my nature. I will typically have a dek hockey game once a week, and I play softball as well. This year, I’ve really taken up golf, and I’m a fast runner.

What about when you’re relaxing inside?

I spend a lot of time with my family. I also enjoy gaming, mostly Call of Duty or any sports video games. Sometimes I will watch TV. My favorites are LOST, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and of course The Office. If it’s a movie, it’s probably Marvel Comics. Spiderman is my favorite.

Favorite vacation spot?

Cedar Point! I love rollercoasters.

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