What is your role at Franjo? Please provide a brief explanation of what that means.

Senior Estimator. I am responsible for all aspects of putting together estimates for the projects we are bidding. That includes qualifying subcontractor bids, doing takeoffs of any self-perform work, and doing a detailed analysis of all construction plans and bid documents in order to ensure a complete and accurate estimate.

 Is this kind of role typically filled more by men, women, or equal?

This is a typically male-dominated position. I have not encountered many other females that are senior estimators for a General Contractor.

Why do you think there is such a thing as Women in Construction Week?

Because it is important to highlight the women working in this predominately male-dominated industry and to show that

women can be just as successful as men in any profession.

Tell me about your journey in construction. How did you get into the industry? What path have you taken to get where you are now?

I got into construction through a family friend and worked my way up. I started as an estimating admin and went through various positions in the estimating department to now being a Senior Estimator. The industry was immediately interesting to me, and with determination and great teachers, I was able to learn a lot.

Do you feel anything would have gone differently if you were male?

I honestly do not think it would have mattered.  I have been given a lot of great opportunities over the years and do not think being a woman has held me back at all.

Was the construction industry your goal?

Not originally, I went to school for Psychology thinking I wanted to be a counselor and realized quickly after graduation that it was not the career for me.

Do you feel that you face any challenges in this industry based on being female?

It all depends, there are some people with old school thinking that will never take a woman in construction seriously, no matter how good they are at their job. Those are the people that are always trying to challenge you, but I take it as a learning experience, and it pushes me to work that much harder.

Are there any advantages to being a woman in the construction industry? If so, please elaborate.

I think women bring a lot to this industry.  Women tend to think differently than men do, and

we bring a unique perspective and new ideas to the table.

What changes need to be made to make the construction industry better for women? What can each of us Franjo females do to support this?

I think it would be great if there were more resources out there for women in construction to network and bounce ideas off each other.

What advice would you give to any woman (or young girl) who’s considering a career in this industry?

I would tell her to go for it!  To make sure she keeps an open mind and is always willing to learn and grow from the challenges in this industry.

What else can Franjo or anyone do to positively impact our industry as it relates to opportunities for women?

I think Franjo is doing a lot for women in construction. Franjo has several different women working in various positions throughout the company.