A lot of multi-family buildings are going up in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Franjo Construction is currently working on three of those: 2554 Smallman, Forte, Penn 23, and even more in neighboring Lawrenceville. As we’ve noted in recent posts, these areas come with unique challenges when it comes to ground improvements and foundations.

How do we address this? At Penn 23, we’re using H-piles:

Aptly named, these structural beams are driven deep into the ground. We’re using a crane to lift each beam. Then we put it into place and let the driver do its thing. Each beam takes about 300 hits, reaching anywhere from 40-45 feet. After 15-20 minutes, we set up another beam for the same process.

Next up come the concrete carps around each H-pile cluster. All this will create a very strong foundation for the 19-unit luxury condominium building.

Check out the renderings, courtesy of Indovina Associates Architects, of this luxury living building: