Franjo participates in National Safety Stand-Down event

Each May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) leads a nation-wide safety event, the “National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.” Franjo participates each year, and participates in a live demonstration led by WernerCo.

According to OSHA:

“Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 366 of the 971 construction fatalities recorded in 2017 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable. The National Safety Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.”

For the past three years, Franjo has worked in conjunction with WernerCo and OSHA to provide the Franjo team with an annual safety seminar to prevent falls in construction. A safety representative from WernerCo performs a 90-minute presentation on site with Franjo construction team members. The live presentation begins with a volunteer placing him or herself into fall suspension. The demonstration continues with an informational session on how the safety equipment works, protocol for a self-rescue, and how to rescue someone else who may be in danger. The event ensures all employees understand the best practices and most up-to-date safety protocols.

Franjo Stands Down for Safety event.

WernerCo only provides this live demonstration to a select few companies. Because of the long-standing relationship with Franjo, our team received priority selection for the 2019 demonstration.

At Franjo Construction, we believe safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Our team is committed to safety, and that all personnel on all job sites are acting in a safe manner at all times. Even before a project begins, our team lays out a safety plan to maintain from project kick-off to project completion. As a family-owned and operated business, Franjo cares for its employees’ wellbeing, and dedicates time each year to ensure all team members have the safety education needed to protect themselves and their team members during any project.

Franjo safety demonstration equipment at OSHA's National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

Franjo would like to thank OSHA and WernerCo for their continued commitment to safety and working with Franjo to ensure the team works safely and is prepared in case of an emergency.

Our team looks forward to next year’s event in May of 2020!

safety first t-shirt for OSHA's National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction

Visit here to learn more about our commitment to safety precautions and policies for a safe work environment.

Check out this video from Franjo’s 2019 National Safety Stand-Down event!