Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Recognizes Franjo Construction

Each year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette selects and recognizes companies and organizations in the Pittsburgh area as “Top Workplaces”. For 2019, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recognized 90 companies. Franjo Construction Corp. is proud to be one of the recognized companies.

In January of this year, the Post-Gazette opened up a survey nomination form to the public that allowed employees from companies in the region to nominate and answer survey questions about their company for this annual award. Eligibility is fairly open, as companies could be public, private, nonprofit or governmental. As long as the company employs at least 50 people regionally, the company is eligible. Additionally, there is no cost to enter into the program.

According to the Post-Gazette, this year, 147 organizations participated in the survey, and 90 were selected for recognition as a Top Workplace, based on employee feedback. The survey is comprised of a series of questions to gain a better understanding of each organization’s workplace culture. This includes environmental factors such as alignment (company values and future goals), connection (employee appreciation), effectiveness (workflow efficiency), managerial styles (caring, helpful, encouraging, etc.), and engagement (company motivation, recruiting, and retention).

The Post-Gazette selects top contenders for three categories: Small, Mid-Size, and Large Businesses. These are based on the number of employees. Small companies range from 50-149 regional employees, Mid-Size companies range from 150-399 regional employees, and Large companies are organizations with 400+ regional employees.

Franjo Construction is delighted to be recognized as #15 in the “Small Company” category.

We would like to thank the Post-Gazette for the opportunity to participate in the survey.

Additionally, we would like to thank our dedicated, hard-working employees who participated in the survey. As a Pittsburgh-based company, we’re honored to be recognized as a part of a network among other Top Workplace organizations.

Visit the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s website to see a full list of ranked companies, and also for more information on the “Top Workplaces” program overview.