Every year in February, our entire company meets to celebrate the past year and discuss goals for the upcoming year. We got in 2020’s meeting just before COVID hit, and last year, we held multiple mini-meetings at several sites to keep everyone distanced and safe. After these challenging two years, it was great to have everyone back in the same room.

We gave out awards for specific achievements, such as the Safety Leadership Award, as well as honoring those who either just joined us or have been with us for 5, 10, and 15+ years.

Our CEO, Frank Leonello, and our President, Joe Leonello, Jr. spoke about Franjo’s mission, values, and major goals. Joe shared a very meaningful quote:

The mark of a good company is not how things are handled when all goes right, but how it reacts to challenges that are presented.
– Uknown

We are looking forward to next year’s meeting! For a video recap, check us out on social media: