Franjo Builders

Franjo Construction is proud to announce the new identity of its Florida affiliate (formerly known as GSD Contracting LLC): Franjo Builders LLC. The rebrand follows the 2019 acquisition by an ownership group based in Pittsburgh, PA. The name “Franjo” comes from two brothers’ names: Frank & Joe Leonello, Jr., who incorporated Pittsburgh-based Franjo Construction Corporation in 1997. Over its 25 years, the firm has built a strong reputation for commercial construction in western PA, OH, and WV. With the acquisition, GSD Contracting became an affiliate of Franjo Construction. The two increasingly began to leverage each other’s experience, team members, knowledge of their respective local markets, and other resources.  

 The affiliated companies benefit from having a home office in Pittsburgh that serves as a hub for accounting, marketing & communications, estimating, and major operations. In Fort Lauderdale, Division Manager Wyatt Woolverton oversees the operations, such as business development, estimating, project management, and office administration. Keeping in regular communication with the home office in Pittsburgh allows both teams to learn from and support each other. Joe Leonello, Jr. (Managing Partner, Franjo Builders LLC and President, Franjo Construction Corp.) states that while “learning a new market presents its challenges, time brings an understanding of how to navigate it.” The rebrand will “allow us to place our footprint and solidify our place in the Florida market.”  

 The affiliated Franjo companies’ mission is to unite its customers and team to build the future. The vision is to exceed expectations, build trust, and create value. This is achieved by utilizing a collaborative approach with regular, open communication. It is a win-win when both your clients and your team are happy, and that is at the core of everything Franjo does.  

 For more information, please visit Franjo Builders on the site here.